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Meetings are at 6:15pm, the second Monday of every two months, at Emily Douglas or Sims Park.  Check the Calendar for the location of the next meeting.


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Welcome to Shandon

Welcome to the Shandon Neighborhood website.  Shandon is one of the largest in-town neighborhoods in Columbia, South Carolina.  Shandon is located near the business and shopping districts of Five Points, Devine Street, and Rosewood Drive. With mature trees, wide streets, sidewalks, parks, and beautiful homes, Shandon is a wonderful place to live.

Tree Trimming

Utility tree trimming work will be conducted in Shandon over the next two weeks.  The work will be completed by an SCE&G contractor, Tree Inc or Asplundh.  

Some of the work will occur behind homes.  If anyone is concerned about leaving rear gates unlocked or having pets in their back yard, please notify SCE&G before arrival.   

Citizens with specific questions or concerns should contact Forestry and Beautification at 803-545-3860  or SCE&G at 1-800-251-7234 to meet and discuss in advance of the work being completed.  

Click here for additional information regarding utility tree trimming.


Neighborhood Council Executive Officer and Council Member Nominations

Pursuant to the Shandon Neighborhood Council Bylaws, below are the individuals who have been nominated for election to executive officer positions and as new council members.  There are currently 7 nominees for council members.  The council has 10 members whose term does not end this year.  The Bylaws allow the council to have a maximum of 15 members.  Therefore, there are 5 council member openings.  

Executive Officer and council member elections will occur at the annual meeting on March 14, 2016 at 6:15 p.m. at Heyward Street United Methodist Church.  Information below council member nominees three through seven was provided by the nominee.


Executive Officer Nominations

Past President - Charles Appleby (pursuant to the bylaws the current president automatically rotates to past-president)

President - Mary Roe

Treasurer - Rachel Vail (she is on her second year of a two year term)

Secretary - George Crouch


Council Member Nominations 

1) Lois Elijah - 2612 Burney Drive (current council member up for re-election)

She filled a vacancy last year which only had one year left on the term, therefore she will need to be re-elected to continue serving on council.  She has emailed the Council and expressed an interest in continuing to serve on the council.

2) Andy Shlon - 3450 Blossom Street - Business Owner (current council member up for re-election)

Andy’s first term ends this year, but he may serve a second term if he so desires and is elected.  Andy has run the National Night Out Event for the past several years. 

3) Jeff Keeney - 2801 Heyward Street - Real Estate Agent (new nominee)

Jeff has lived in the neighborhood for 15 years.  His wife worked in the House of Representatives for a number of years and now works with the Department of Education.  He has attended several neighborhood council meetings, including the last special meeting involving the Mason’s Lodge.

4) Karen Addison - 2736 Monroe Street - Computer Programmer (new nominee)

Karen is a computer programmer and presently works from home on a contract with Comerica, a bank out of Detroit, Michigan.  She has lived on Monroe Street about a year and a half.  She is from Columbia and has always loved Shandon and is delighted to finally be living here!  She would love to be more involved in the neighborhood and being on the neighborhood council is definitely the way.  She has attended several neighborhood council meetings, including the last special meeting involving the Mason’s Lodge.

5) Steve Augustine - 2833 Heyward Street - Attorney (new nominee)

He is married to Jennifer March Augustine and has two kids, Ellie (almost 4) and Benjamin (15 months).  They moved here from Houston, Texas in August of 2014 after his wife accepted a tenure track position at the University of South Carolina, Department of Sociology.  Previously, she had been an Associate Professor at the University of Houston and a postdoctoral fellow at Rice University.  He is an attorney for the Texas-based civil defense firm of Thompson Coe Cousins & Irons, LLP.  At this point, his practice is comprised mostly of representing non-medical professionals such as lawyers and accountants in malpractice cases, but he has a wide array of civil defense experience in areas such as personal injury, commercial litigation, employment, and insurance coverage.  He is licensed to practice law in Texas and South Carolina, but the vast majority of his practice still takes place in Texas. He has also represented a number of homeowners/condominium owners/community associations in the past.  Prior to working in private practice, he was a lawyer at the Texas Department of Insurance in Austin, Texas where he gained extensive regulatory experience.  Steve said that making the decision to leave Texas was a difficult one, but they have found a new home and community here in Columbia, and in particular, Shandon.  They could not be happier with their new life and are eager to spread their roots here. To that end, he would be more than happy to give back to this wonderful neighborhood by serving on the SNC.  Steve feels like his experience would be an asset to the SNC, and looks forward to learning more about potentially becoming a member.

6) Russell Jones - 3407 Coleman Street - Real Estate Agent (new nominee)

Russell is most interested in safety and traffic issues that face the neighborhood.  He would be willing to give of his time and talents in any way to help the neighborhood.  As the past president of the Sherwood Forest Neighborhood Association he feels he has the knowledge and experience to be a good council member.

7) Scott Lindenberg - 3025 Heyward Street - Real Estate Agent (new nominee)

Scott and his wife, Stacy, and have lived at 3025 Heyward St. for the past 5 years.  They lived in Rosewood for six years prior to moving to Shandon.  Scott’s background is in communications, higher education, marketing and management.  After working for more than a decade at USC as the director of student media and as a public relations professor, he shifted gears and is now a full-time real estate agent.  Scott previously served on several professional and university boards, but currently has no board commitments.  Most recently he served a 3-year term as treasurer for the American Advertising Association and as the collegiate chair for the South Carolina Press Association.  Scott is eager for the opportunity to serve his own community on the neighborhood council.  He is open to assist or manage neraly any aspect of the council, but states his strengths are in fiscal management, communication, media relations and event management. 


Members Rolling Off This Year

1)  Mary Greene (Lobbyist)

2)  Daniel Coble (Attorney)

3)  Polly Thompson


Members Rolling Off Next Year

1) Charles Appleby (Attorney)

2) Derek Gruner (Architect)


St. Patrick's Day in Five Points - March 19, 2016 (9am-7pm)

Update on Races and Festivals around Shandon section of this website (see links by scrolling up and looking on the left hand side of this page)